The artist, who was born in South Korea and has lived in Berlin and Munich since 1970, has made the encounter of different cultures her personal concern beyond her own everyday life.

After studying psychology with a focus on intercultural family theory and working for many years in the field of crisis intervention, she became interested in art therapy, which ultimately led her to painting. Her early interest in tension is expressed in her works through the confrontational use of materials, especially in collage, as well as through the conflict-laden combination of different stylistic elements that stem from both European abstract painting and the East Asian tradition.
Conflict and confrontation are thereby harmoniously dissolved in the course of the progressive treatment of the pictures, without, of course, completely suppressing the original tension or causing it to disappear. Rather, these remain ever-present in the lower layers of paint, thus reminding us of the utopian moment in every effort to reconcile difference, which is to be turned positive in each case in the reception of the work.


Images of hers have been included as illustrations in the birthday volume for Ingeborg Bachmann, the memorial volume for Isabel Eberhardt (both published by Lidi-Europedition, Berlin), and as the cover of Twenty Questions About a Unified Theory of Information (Litchfield Park, Az) by Wolfgang Hofkirchner.


She is a member of the Gedok Berlin, the Munich Künstlerhaus as well as the Kunstverein KunstHaus Potsdam e.V..

Furthermore, in 2018 she was awarded the World KHMA Certificate (40th HMA Prize Competition, Seoul, South Korea).

In 2020, she received the special prize at the Tancheon Contemporary Artists Association exhibition in Seoul, South Korea.